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Books List for Academic Year 2016-17 (Download from here)

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Emblem of Chandigarh

RECOGNITION OF ICSE AND ISC BY UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service-The National Admissions and Accreditation Agency in the United Kingdom)

A Brief History About Our Schools

Mr. Andrew John Gosain (Founder and Chairman) of St. Xavier's School along with the group of distinguished Christian Educationalists, in a missionary manner established, St. Xavier's School at Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. The school Motto"LIVE FOR OTHERS" provides meaningful education to people of all classes, castes and religions. St. Xavier's School have earned a reputation for excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities and have become leading lights in education and in serving the people of this region and the world.

The schools are upto date with good quality infrastructure like well-equipped science and computer labs. and library. In St. Xavier's there is a place for everyone from the brightest to the challenged.

Teachers are Convent Educated and the medium of speaking is English. There is great emphasis on the overall development of a child being imbibed with good morals, etiquettes, respect for elders, the environment and other human beings with a strong belief in non-violence.